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09-Apr-2019 23:42

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Once Slave 85739 finally met the Master from the fetish dating site, they played all night and had a very hot scene. The Master secured the slave in a full body rubber gimp suit with openings for the ass and cock. I was told 3000 short time 5000 long time by the mamasan.

On the EDSA freeway before Roxas Boulevard, you can’t miss the neon signs on the outside. As with anywhere that’s very negotiable depending on how much the girl likes you, what you’d like to do together, how many lady drinks you bought her, etc. Most bars fall under the same ownership so pricing is standardized – at the time I was there one of the girls said only Cotton Club and the upstairs disco had separate owners. Slave 85739 has been held captive for over a year and trained to become a true male sex slave. Tightening the hood to the tightest it could go, the Master locked it as well and left the slave, turning out the lights behind him.Maybe I’m picky but none looked worth paying 4450 pesos for. One exception was Samba which had a few younger cuter Pinays and 385 peso lady drinks.

An ok looking girl here offered 4000 long time after I bought a drink and chatted to her for a bit. Bikini bar girls in the Philippines get paid a lot lower salary than Gogo dancers in Thailand, so barfines are more crucial.

It just needs more bars across several floors like Bangkok’s Nana Plaza, some fresh faces, and nudity (as do all PI girly bars). Use Grab or Uber (discount link) to get a taxi as the drivers by EDSA are known for scams.